The Healing Garden was conceived while I was running multiple anti-violence programs at a large non-profit agency in Chicago. I found that formalized anti-violence intervention, while still hugely significant in individuals' day-to-day lives, was both compromised by funder & agency goals and sacrificed the health and well-being of providers. 

It was clear that another option was needed. One free of others' goals and ideas of what healing looked like, one free from dingy walls and office settings, one free from the structures that replicated and benefited from the same power structures that contributed to violence in the first place.


The Healing Garden will serve as a place for respite and healing through connecting with nature. It will be for everyone. The garden will be run as a for-profit social venture with a non-profit arm. It will be open to the public as well as available for private rental: retreats, private dinners, weddings, meditation, yoga, tai chi, counseling sessions, workshops, art classes. . .  

The Healing Garden is currently in planning and development stages.


Plans for the garden include a large sacred herb spiral, fire pit, natural pool, acupressure walking paths, a micro food forest, raised bed for growing flowers, and a small guest house. Future years will see the addition of a greenhouse, chickens, bees and a commercial kitchen. 

The garden will utilize permaculture and biodynamic practices. 

There will be a small shop located in the garden. The shop will sell raw herbs, food and flowers grown in the garden, as well as small-batch specialty products created from garden harvests, such as smudge sticks; herbal infusions, tinctures, balms and salves; floral bouquets and relevant books & retail items. 

In addition to the shop, there will also be a tiny guest house (sleeps 2) available for rent. Quarterly, we will gift a three night stay for a survivor of violence and a guest of their choice.