Erotic Arrangements are works of art with a kinky side;

arrangements can be deconstructed and various elements used to enhance sex play and intimacy.

Arrangements come in three different kinks & are available in small, medium and large.


Customization available upon request.


"Tickle” arrangements are designed for those interested in a gentler, more sensuous experience. Each arrangement includes an element for lightly stroking the skin, gentle floral aphrodisiacs and visually subtle stimuli.

Common elements include: feathery grasses, lavender, pepperberry, vanilla scent


"Prickle”arrangements take things up a notch; their visual stimuli is a little more overt, their aphrodisiatic scents a bit more intense. They include elements for stroking the skin, light flogging and scratching.


Common elements include feathery grasses, prickly foliage, young branches, sandalwood, citrus & peppermint scents


"Burn” arrangements are designed for those with experience in flogging and pain play.  These arrangements are unabashed in their visual display, incorporate the strongest aphrodisiatic scents and the kinkiest floral elements.


Common elements include: feathery grasses, thorny foliage, pliable woody branches, jasmine, aloe, ylang ylang scent

"The [Tickle] arrangement has brought me much joy and softness. I played with the sensations of it all Friday night and meditated with candles everywhere. Every time I walk into my room it smells so safe and lovely. Now have sprigs throughout the house. Really comforting, feminine and hopeful."

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